Launch of Climate Services Adaptation Programme in Africa

The Climate Services Adaptation Programme in Africa, which aims to build resilience in disaster risk management, food security, nutrition and health, is being launched 15 October at a special event on the eve of the Africa Climate Conference 2013 in Arusha, Tanzania.

Sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Climate Services Adaptation Programme is a collaborative effort among major international organizations and research institutions to  implement and strengthen the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS).

The main goal of the Programme is to increase the resilience of people most vulnerable to the impacts of weather and climate-related events in target countries, with a specific focus on Malawi and Tanzania.

The Programme will help build capacity within countries and will support and integrate existing initiatives in climate services, food security, nutri­tion and health as well as disaster risk reduction. The Programme will be a significant opportunity under the GFCS for major international players to work together in a coordinated and holistic way

A key aspect of the work is to draw upon expertise from both social and natural science disciplines in developing community programmes in the fields of food security, nutrition, disaster preparedness and health.

The objectives of the Programme are to produce:

  • At the national level; greater and more effective cross-sectoral planning, co-production and application of climate services;
  • At sub-national to local level; significantly strengthen capacity of end-users to demand, access and benefit from co-produced climate services relevant for food security, nutrition, health and disaster risk reduction
  • At the international level; improved understanding of the effectiveness of the GFCS in climate risk management and adaptation.

Details of the side event:

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