Plenary A1: Grand Challenges & Frontiers of African Climate

IMG_4662 World Climate Research Programme: Grand Challenges – Prof. Fredrick Semazzi, Member, WCRP Joint Scientific Committee

  • A Grand Challenge is both highly specific and focused that identifies a specific barrier preventing progress in a critical area of climate science.

  • This focus enables the development of targeted research efforts with the likelihood of significant progress over 5-10 years, even if its ultimate success is uncertain.

  • By being transformative, a Grand Challenge should bring the best minds to the table (voluntarily), build and strengthen communities of innovators that are collaborative and perhaps extend beyond “in-house expertise”.

Research Gaps and Needs to Address Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) Priority Areas in Africa – Filipe D. F. Lúcio, GFCS

The GFCS identifies the following research gaps:

  • Actionable climate information and services based on sound science.
  • Communication between communities of scientists and practitioners.
  • Last mile between science products and service-oriented climate information.
  • Lack of seamless suite of climate products for contiguous time scales from weather to centenial climate projections.
  • Limited or unknown predictability for a range of key time-space scales.
  • Lack of comprehensive approaches and experience in dealing with uncertainty.
  • Training and development of next generation of scientists and decision makers’ information.


Success criteria

  • Active engagement of researchers from the climate, applied and social sciences.
  • Identification and engagement of partners in co-design, development and implementation of activities.
  • Mobilization of resources for implementing activities through active engagement of relevant stakeholders.
  • Capacity development to support training and education of scientists and establishing research networks.
  • Continuity of key Earth system observations for process understanding, modelling and analysis.
  • Creation of conducive environments to engage scientists to work together on co-design, development and delivery of products and services.


Climate Research Challenges and Needs for Policy and Development in Africa – Seleshi Bekele Awulachew (PhD)

Suggested the following Priority Areas of Research:

  • Climate and Modeling
  • Vulnerability and adaptation
  • Water and climate
  • Agriculture and climate
  • Health and climate
  • Energy and climate
  • Ecosystem and climate
  • Forest and climate






The 2013 ACC Objectives and Strategies – Arame Tall

  • To identify priority areas of research to respond to end-user needs.
  • To write concrete research proposals to bridge the gap.
  • To develop common agenda on climate research development in Africa.
  • To have a definition of sustainable mechanisms for implementing the agenda.





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