The Vice-president sets the stage for Africa Climate Conference, 2013 at AICC .

The vice-president of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Gharib Mohamed Bilal, opening the conference officially.

The vice-president of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Gharib Mohamed Bilal, opening the conference officially


Africa is the most vulnerable continent to climate change. However, it is surprising that it is lagging behind in terms of scientific research on this issue. It is  in the light of this concern that the 2013 climate conference has been organised to addresss the matters related to climate change.


The conference, organized by the World Climate Research centre (ACP) Programme and Africa Climate Policy Centre, has brought together decision makers, climate researchers, and practitioners in order to:

(1)   Identify the state of knowledge.

(2)  Define and drive and Africa agenda for future climate change that will inform adaptation decisions.

(3)  Develop a framework for mainstreaming climate information into decision making and for facilitating network of experts who will evaluate and interpret this knowledge for practical applications in such areas as agriculture, water, climate risks adaptation etc.


The expected outcome of the Conference is a set of concrete research proposals to address the critical gaps in knowledge on climate change in Africa.


Official Opening:

The conference was officiated by Dr. Gharib Bilal, the Vice-president of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Note of Welcome:

The note of welcome was given by the local host, Prof. Yanda, who thanked the international and local organizers and sponsors of the conference. He then welcomed the vice-chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam, Prof. Rwekaza Mukandala. The VC appreciated the honour the UDSM has had to organize the event.  He then called for the guest of honour, His Excellency Dr. Gharib Mohamed Bilal, to give a few remarks. The guest of honour appreciated the fact that the conference had a highly promising agenda and hoped that it will be fulfilled. He said that scientific reports show that cutting down green house gases to lower levels will help to reduce global warming. However, he noted that it is usually easier said than done, and therefore urged the stakeholders to put more efforts to solve this contradiction. He continued pointing out the challenges Africa has been facing due to climate change particularly on agriculture, and the role Tanzania has played so far to deal with issues on it.  He concluded by saying that in the global approaches to deal with climate change, Tanzania prefers a shared vision that unites the countries of the world in building inclusive, fair and effective climate change negotiations, mitigation and adaptation regime.

Vote of Thanks

A vote of thanks was run by Arame Tall, the co-chair, ACC 2013. She pointed out that the participants of the conference are ‘the cream of the creams of Africa climate change researchers’ and hoped that the conference will make a difference by making the work of public service easier through providing early information. However, she noted that there is a need for a full support from African governments in order to make the work a reality.

Honorouble Dr. Arame Tall, the co-chair ACC 2013  proposing a vote of thanks.

 Dr. Arame Tall, the co-chair ACC 2013 proposing a vote of thanks.





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