Plenary A3: State of knowledge, Research Gaps-Towards coordinated pan-African Research- Long Term Planning: Chair- Samba B. Tounkara: Moderator: Mxolisi Shongwe

climate research


Climate Research Needs to guide Water sector Adaptation planning in Africa- Sepo Hachigonta Fanrpan

  • Talks about climate needs to guide the water sector adaptation plan
  • studies done show in 2025 most regions in developing countries will be faced by water issues. Sub-Saharan Africa will have economic impact on the water sector,most of the results are  in the scientific community

How to generate information that can easily be accessed by policy makers and ends users e.g. farmers and other sectors?

  • How to work as a team, multidisciplinary integrated modelers and socio-economic modelers to come up with cohesive measures?


Research Needs on Wetlands Multifaceted Challenges in face of Climate Change : Gueladio Cisse,  Ramsar Convention


Cisse observed the following:

  • There should be ecosystem linkages with health
  • Ramsar convention on wetland in the working group of climate change and wetlands initiatives
  • Wetland and cycles be linked  e.g. Carbon cycle
  • Wetland numbers and statistics are working
  • Projected impact of climate Change on wetlands
  • Convention is a treaty of 164 parties
  • Flood accelerates  disaster
  • To Support t local governments to realize the value of the wet land and manage water infrastructure
  • To engage stakeholders particularly local government actors in workshops.
  • We need to do multidisciplinary research for impacts and for policy
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