State of knowledge, Research Gaps-Towards coordinated pan-African Research- Long Term Planning




A guide for  operational weather  forecasting for west Africa: the AMMA forecaster’s handbook Rosalind  Cornforth– University  of Reading


The presenter had the following to say:

  • There was limited knowledge exchange
  • Addressed the gap between research and the operation
  • A hand book of objective documented comprehensively weather forecasting methods
  • Also focused on training and providing met education
  • Defined ‘chapter plan’ – as a training and learning and handbook for forecasters
  • Proposed how forecast should be done and what resources are needed
  • Identified priorities for the content: some clear consensus on different parts of the book
  • Said that Workshop in Dakar in March this year got  support from ACMAD and WMO to do the work



Evaluation of Dynamical Downscaled high Resolution Regional Climate Models in the Projection of Climate Variability and Change in East Africa- Sarah Osima, Tanzania Meteorological Agency


The following were raised in her presentation:

  • Said East Africa rain fall is  influenced by intertropical convergence zone
  • Pointed out that only three stations had good consistency with long term rainfall and temperature data
  • Asked how often  people visit and maintain station
  • Said IPCC  is increasing in East Africa while drought is decreasing
  • Downscaling shows 10 km resolution  rainfall is decreasing
  • Suggested that we need to improve observation stations as one cannot t evaluate the model if they don’t have observed data
  • Both temperature and rainfall distributions are resolution-dependent
  • Showed the results from half of the model because they are still struggling
  • Noted that increase in temperature decreases precipitation.
  • Said we  need to compare simulation with other studies and see if there any changes in signals
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