Side Event S1 – Africa Development Bank Pilot Program for Climate Resilience

Integrating Climate Science into National Development Planning: Lessons Learned from the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) – Samba B. Tounkara, ClimDev Africa

Delivery of reliable, accurate, and timely climate information to predict and forecast near and long term climate risks is essential in achieving climate resilient development planning. The process of integrating/mainstreaming climate information into the national development planning process was demonstrated during the preparation of the Strategic Program for Climate Resilience for the 3 pilot countries. The Side Event will provide a platform for the government representatives from the three countries to share lessons learned and best practices from their experiences in integrating climate information into the national development planning process. This is essential to help conference participants (climate researchers, scientists and practitioners from Africa and around the world) better understand what works well–and what does not–when designing and implementing national programs to address climate change.

Knowledge management, including sharing of lessons learned, is one of CIF objectives which is meant to be implemented by all operations funded by the Fund including PPCR projects. Experience in developing and implementing CIF operations needs to be captured and disseminated so that the lessons learned are easily accessible and can be applied to future activities.

Panelists will discuss their experiences and lessons learned in integrating climate information into the national development planning process and how it could lead to enhanced climate resilience, drawing upon their national experiences in the design of their respective Pilot Program for Climate Resilient projects. Their interventions are expected to stimulate a lively debate and are expected to produce a number of recommendations for policymakers and the Bank. Specifically they will address the following questions:

  1. What are the main barriers/challenges in integrating climate information into the national development planning process to ensure climate resilience is effectively built into the process?
  2. To what extent has the PPCR process influenced integration of climate science into national development planning? Is PPCR the best model for integrating climate information into the national development planning process?
  3. What should be the role of development partners, scientists, researchers and decision-makers in climate information?
Role Name Position
Moderator Dr. Mark Tadross (tbc) Technical Advisor for Climate Information and Modeling
U. of Cape Town, UNDP
Rapporteur Bank Staff Bank staff
Panelist: Mozambique Moises Vicente Benessene


National Director, The National Institute for Meteorology (INAM, Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia)
Panelist: Zambia Dr. Joseph Kanyange Chief Meteorologist, Zambia Meteorological Department
Panelist: Niger Monsieur Assoumana


Chef D’Equipe du Projet PDIPC Niger, Chef Divsion Climatologie, Direction de la Metorologie Nationale, Niger
ClimDev Special Fund Dr. Samba Tounkara Chief Operations Officer/AfDB
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