Side Event S4 – HYVIC Project

HyVic organizational structure, research coordination & resource mobilization needs for building resilience to climate change in the Lake Victoria basin Region (HyVic International Planning Committee) – Fredrick Semazzi (IPC, Chair), IPC members

The Hydroclimate project for Lake Victoria (HYVIC) Regional Hydroclimate Project (RHP) is in being planned to employ the most advanced modeling and analytic methods to understand the hydroclimatic variability over the Lake Victoria basin (LVB) and improve its climatic predictability and climate change projections. The HyVic network will connect the Climate Research Community, the Climate Services Operational Provider Community, the Climate Information Stakeholders Community, the Internet Provider Community and the Capacity Building & Education Community (see figure below). The proposed research paradigm of entraining the end-user community participation in the understanding and development of hydroclimatic predictions and projection capabilities will directly contribute to the development of major policy on climate risk management in the region. HyVIC’s collaboration with the weather research and prediction community will include reduction of the unacceptable number of deaths (3000 to 5000 fishermen every year over Lake Victoria) due to severe weather and water currents.

The purpose of the HyVic side meeting is to initiate dialogue to develop a vision for engaging researchers, stakeholders, NMHSs & funding organizations in the development and implementation of HyVic’s agenda.

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