Side Event S6 – Future Climate Future Africa (FCFA), DfID/CDKN

How to improve climate science for adaptation in Africa: Identifying cross-disciplinary research priorities, Nicola Ranger, DfID

CCC2013 side-event co-hosted by the Department For International Development (DFID) & Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

The Future Climate For Africa (FCFA) programme will host a side-event aiming to explore cross- disciplinary research priorities for enhancing African climate science for adaptation. The event aims to encourage informal and interactive debate, with a series of short position statements and a facilitated plenary discussion. Participants will then be asked to provide their own opinions on exciting future areas for climate science and adaptation in SSA culminating with an interactive vote.

Perspectives from scientists and practitioners working across Africa will be sought, with insights from an earlier international workshop hosted in London presented and discussed. Findings will feed into FCFA’s scoping phase and ultimately inform an international research call – aiming to launch early 2015. The session will conclude with details of FCFA upcoming activities, accompanying by drinks and light refreshments.

Timeline of activities:

18:30–18:40     Introduction to FCFA programme and its planned activities (Nicola Ranger, DFID)

18:40-19:20      Interactive ‘Davos style’ panel: Key gaps in climate science for adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Pius Yanda (University of Dar es Salaam); Bruce Hewitson (CSAG); Mark New (ACDI); Scientist West Africa (TBC); Policy-maker (TBC); Knowledge-broker (TBC)

19:20-19:30        5-6 individuals each give a 3-5 minute presentation (no power-point). This will be followed                                by a plenary discussion. The session is to be moderated and will draw on questions and                                inputs from the wider audience.

1940-19:50         Plenary vote: The future of climate research and adaptation in SSA

Key themes emerging from the earlier discussion will be collated and presented on       ‘interactive’ wall.

Highlights of FCFA scoping workshop (Lindsey Jones, ODI/CDKN)
FCFA’s upcoming activities and opportunities for continued engagement

Background to FCFA: Future Climate For Africa is a research programme aimed at generating a more robust and ‘decision-relevant’ body of scientific evidence on medium-term (10 – 40 year) climate change to enable effective long-term planning across Africa. To be launched in January 2015, the programme will be commissioned via a global competitive call process, seeking to enhance the availability and accessibility of climate information products to inform climate-resilient development. To inform the global call the programme is currently embarking on an 18-month scoping exercise, seeking inputs and consultation from across the science-policy interface.

For more information contact: Nicola Ranger DFID ( and Lindsey Jones CDKN (

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